In order to improve the service quality provided by Fusion Shopping and to help our valued customers to provide better services, the terms of the After Sale Service provided Fusion Shopping are as follows.

Note: the following terms refer to the policy and instructions of the After Sale Service for Fusion Shopping, and how distributors engage with customers.

Return/refund due to product quality issue

1) If non-3C products have quality issue or cannot be used, you can submit a refund or a replacement request within 15 days after signing.
2) If the 3C product is at arrival damaged or cannot be used, you can submit a return request within 30 days after signing. Please return all accessories included in parcel, such as cable, charger, battery. If lacking accessories or other parts, you need to make relevant compensation.

3) 3C products includes tablet, mobile phone, computer, consumer electronics, watch and host.
It requires you to feedback issues within the date of after-sales period, otherwise we have reason to believe that the product problem is damage artificially, and after-sale services will not be offered.

3C product warranty policy

1) 3C products enjoy one year free warranty from the purchased date.
2) Customers need to pay the shipping fee for the returned items.
3) No free warranty for the following conditions.
Exceeding one year warranty
Buyer damaged/misused goods

Evidence is needed to after-sale service

1) To offer corresponding evidence. Email screenshots, Paypal and other refund screenshots of Fusion Shopping’s- approved payment method , and photos, videos, which can used to proof order issue (required continuous dynamic video to show defective product), etc. can be accept as evidence.
2) Only offering screenshots of customer dispute refunds, can not prove that it must be a product quality issue, and Fusion Shopping will not provide after-sales service.

The following information is required and format is as followed:.
Order number:
Shipping method + tracking number :
Product SKU :
Specific description of issue:
Customer requirement:

Returned shipping fees

1) If it’s product quality issue within the valid warranty period (3C products: 30 days, non 3C products: 15 days), returned shipping fees are undertaken by Fusion Shopping.
2) If it’s product quality issue, but it exceeds the valid warranty period(3C products: 30 days, non 3C products: 15 days), the shipping fee of returning and exchanging products shall be undertaken by the customer.

After-sale service -Return process

We will do our best to ensure that the products delivered to our customers are good. If you receive a defective product, please follow the steps below to apply after-sale service.

1 ) Contact the online customer service staffs or submit a ticket to request a return, detail the issue and provide a photo or video of defective product.
2 ) Return the items and include all source packaging and accessories in the returned package, after the return application is approved.
3 ) Tracking number / URL / return shipping fees/ shipping receipt / logistics information image of returned package can be informed customer service staff by email or live chat.
4 ) We will process the refund within 1-3 days after receiving package. Once refund successfully, you will receive a confirmation email.

After Sale Services for Received Products

(a)Quality problem: Flaws caused during production and shipping process. Due to extreme discounts on all our items, we cannot offer After Sale Services for products with less than 10% damage/defect.
(b)Problem of fittings: fittings are damaged, defective, or missing.
After any evidence provided has been verified by us: for problems that can be resolved by the buyer, we can refund the cost only if the cost is below the product cost; for problems that cannot be solved by the buyer or the cost exceeds the product cost, we can provide either usable fittings or refund following a product return (RMA). The order amount will determine how the situations listed are resolved.
(c) Orders are left unattended or mistakenly shipped: resolution based on order amount.

●Orders left shipped: Check the package weight of the order to confirm, the solution should be provided between buyer and customer assistance through clear and professional communication.
●Orders mistakenly shipped: Check order SKU and SKU of the received package to confirm, the solution should be managed between buyer and customer assistance through communication.
(d) Damaged during shipping
●Package damage: it cannot be handled if product is functional.
●Product damage: it cannot be handled if product is functional and the damage amount is below 10%.
(e) Wrong description for product
●If the words and pictures on the description page are slightly different from actual product, but the product is functional then After Sales Services cannot be offered.
●Words and pictures on the description page are slightly different from actual product, and the product cannot be used for its designated function, the solution should be negotiated and communicated between buyer and customer assistance.

The following chart outlines the solution handling outcome for the After Sale Issues listed above.
√ denotes a solution that is available while X indicates that no solution is available.
Note: shipping method should be same as original shipping method based on price (e.g. post insured for post insured, surface mail for surface mail, etc), Fusion Shopping does not pay for shipping if a buyer returns a product.

Custom Clearance

For custom clearance, respective responsibility needs to be clarified between the buyer and our company.
(a)Tariff claim: tariff is claimed by local customs based on local policy, and specific to different countries and states, so buyers are responsible for payment. Since it is clearly out of our control, we do not classify this as an After Sale Issue.
(b)Package destroyed by customs or cargo agent: we are not responsible if buyers reject or contest tariff claim or attempt to import products prohibited in their state, country, or region.
(c)We are not responsible for products that cannot go through/clear customs due to lack of product qualification; buyers need to clearly state what qualification issues are involved.

Note: Customers are solely responsible for checking (a) if sensitive product(s) can be shipped to the destination before dispatch and (b) whether the product requires any specific credentials/declarations.

Types of After Sale Services available for products not received

(a) Yet to be received: Buyers are informed by Customer Service staff; we are not liable for packages that have been returned or destroyed that have not been dealt with in time.
(b) Abnormal delivery: Buyers are informed by Customer Service staff, we are not liable for packages that have been returned or destroyed that have not been dealt with in time.
(c) Failed to deliver: Buyers are informed by Customer Service staff, we are not liable for packages that have been returned or destroyed that have not been dealt with in time.
(d) Exceeded shipping time limit, refunded by platform dispute: If the package has not been received 60 days after the sale, the package is declared missing.
(e) Package delivered, buyer reports not received: buyer needs to obtain proof that the “package has not yet arrived” from their local post office and send the proof to us for further checking.
(f) No shipping update: over 15 days since the sale have elapsed without a shipping update, shipping status with order number will be checked, if the order has still not been received after 60 days, after sale arrangements can be approved for the above situation.
(g) We are not responsible if the buyer refuses to receive and accept a package.
(h) The missing package condition is not applicable to surface mail and air mail as well as package checks. Products shipped by Flat ship are not offered after-sale service, when the parcel is lost even if the customer purchases shipping insurance.
If a package has been returned due to the above shipping problems, we will provide refund to buyers only after the package has returned to our warehouse; we are not liable for packages that go missing or have been destroyed in transit.

Returned by shipping

(a)Overseas package return: items not received (see Term 9 above), including packages that have been returned, abandoned or destroyed, will be dealt with according to the terms and conditions:
☆ Overseas return:
Cost of resending = Return shipping the item to us + Cost of return shipping to customer
Refund = Price paid for product – Cost of Resending
(b)Domestic packages returned: domestic packages returned due to address issue, security check, etc. These situations will be handled either by resending or refund:
☆ Resending will use a shipping carrier at equivalent cost: for instance, post insured for post insured, surface mail for surface mail, etc.
☆ Refund amount = price of product – shipping cost.

Exemption Disclaimer

The following conditions are exempt from receiving After Sale Services:
Incorrect address provided by buyers; buyers who cannot provide evidence that meets the threshold of proof and who do not intend to return the product for testing; buyers who ask for resends, resupply and return, refund overdue; product shipped, situations caused not by quality issues and/or not our responsibility, buyers who provide subjective/unacceptable reasons to ask for refund. Please kindly contact our customer services for further information.